How to do reproducible research with iMethod

Author : InsideDNA Time : 13 June 2016 Read time : 2 min

How to do reproducible research with iMethod

If you want anyone to access and repeat your analysis consistently, regardless of the operating system, tool version or access to a computing cluster, you can use our sharing service. iMethods - Interactive Methods - will make your research reproducible. iMethod is an executable bundle of data, tool and tool settings sharable as web URL, it lets a user to instantly re-run an entire analysis. The user doesn't have to configure the cluster by himself because it is ready for work immediately.

This way InsideDNA helps you to share tool settings or your results with a single click. Let’s see how to do it.

To create a link for sharing your settings, follow these steps:


1. Open interface of a tool.


2. Select the settings needed.


3. Click the Create iMethod button.


4. Enter your email or just click the Create Link button.


5. Now you can copy link and send it to your colleagues or save it. When you open this link in browser, all the settings will be set as you have selected.


We hope that iMethod option will save your time you used to spent on explaining your colleagues the way you performed bioinformatics analysis. Using our iMethods you make bioinformatics experiments easily reproducible, promoting open research. Stay tuned!


P.S. Our iMethod feature has been already used in the article at PLoS. You can see how it looks like and even try to repeat the calculations yourself by this link (see the links to our website like this in the Material and Methods chapter).

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