How to search the platform for tools and request them

Author : InsideDNA Time : 13 June 2016 Read time : 2 min

InsideDNA has 1000+ bioinformatics tools at your service to help you process your data quickly and with no extra effort. Here you can find the detailed instruction on how to search for tools and find exactly what you want.


1. Click 'TOOLS' in the header menu or 'ALL TOOLS' in the left panel to show the full list of tools:


2. You can click on tags to filter tools:


3. If you know for sure what you need, please type the name of the tool into the search field in the upper right corner of the screen. If you don't know what you need, just type in any words that can help you search for the tool needed. For example, type in 'chip-seq' to find all the tools dealing with chip-seq data.


4. You can click this button to show the results of the search as a list:

5. If we haven't installed the tool to our platform yet, you can ask us to do it faster. In order to make a request you should click the 'REQUEST TOOL' button.

6. Please fill in the form to let us know the details on your request: the name of the tool you need, github repository with its source code (or just a dedicated page), tell us reasons if you need it urgently, tell us if you are ok if the tool will be available through the terminal only or if you need interface.


We are happy to help you! Thank you for making us better!



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