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By Zerbino D., Birney E. , Last update 1494698999
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velveth64 description

Velveth64 is a simple hashing program which constructs the dataset for the following program, velvetg, and indicate to the system what each sequence file represents. Velveth takes in a number of sequence files, produces a hashtable, then outputs two files in an output directory (creating it if necessary), Sequences and Roadmaps, which are necessary to velvetg.

Parent program: velvet

Velvet is a de novo genome assembly and short read sequencing alignments software.Assembly is provided by two operations. First command, velveth, hashes the reads to build the data set of k-mers. Second, velvetg constructs the de Bruijn graph using the k-mers and builds the contigs by simplification and error correction.The combination of short reads and read pairs allows Velvet to produce contigs of reasonable length and resolve small repeats.