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By Zerbino D., Birney E. , Last update 1494698999
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velvetg description

Velvet is a de novo genome assembly package for short impaired and paired-end read sets. Velvetg is its subprogram for de Bruijn graph construction, error removal and repeat resolution and construction of genomics assembly with contigs and scaffold. It requires as input Velveth output

Parent program: velvet

Velvet is a de novo genome assembly and short read sequencing alignments software.Assembly is provided by two operations. First command, velveth, hashes the reads to build the data set of k-mers. Second, velvetg constructs the de Bruijn graph using the k-mers and builds the contigs by simplification and error correction.The combination of short reads and read pairs allows Velvet to produce contigs of reasonable length and resolve small repeats.