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pfscale description

Ppfscale fits the two parameters of an extreme-value distribution to a sorted score distribution obtained by searching a sequence database with a protein and DNA generalized profile. The file *score_list* is a sorted list of profile match scores generated by pfsearch. If *-* is specified instead of a filename,the score list is read from the standard input. The result is written to the standard output. If the original profile is given as the second argument, the normalization function with the lowest mode number or the lowest priority number specified within the profile will be updated such as to produce -Log10 per-residue E-values. If the second argument is omitted, the output consists of a header line containing the normalization parameters followed by a modified score list, showing score rank, original raw scores, log-cumulative frequencies and corresponding normalized scores next to each othe

Parent program: pftools

PFTools is a collection of programs supporting the generalized profile format and search method of PROSITE.