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By Finn R., Eddy S., Last update 1494698999
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nhmmer description

Nhmmer searches DNA or RNA queries against a DNA or RNA sequence database. For each query in , use that query to search the target database of sequences in , and output a ranked list of the hits with the most significant matches to the query. A query may be either a profile model built using hmmbuild, a sequence alignment, or a single sequence. Sequence based queries can be in a number of formats (see --qformat), and can typically be autodetected. Note that only Stockholm format supports the use of multiple sequence-based queries.

Parent program: hmmer

HMMER software allows search for protein homologs and also permits multiple protein sequence alignment. Unlike BLAST, HMMER uses probabilistic models called profile hidden Markov models which provide a significantly more accurate and more sensitive detection of remote homologs. The HMMER software suite has been widely used, particularly for protein family databases such as Pfam and InterPro and their associated search tools. Also HMMER has several programs for protein sequence analysis such as phmmer, hmmscan, hmmsearch and jackhmmer.