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By Altschul S., Lipman D., Last update 1494698998
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impala description

Impala is a complementary procedure of comparing a single query sequence with a database of PSI-BLAST-generated (Position-Specific Iterated BLAST) position-specific score matrices

Parent program: blast

BLAST is a software for comparing a query sequence with a library or database of sequences. BLAST identifies library hits that resemble the query above a certain threshold. Different types of BLASTs are designed according to the query and database types and search specificity (nucleotide blast implemented by blastn, megablast anddiscontiguousmegablast algorithms, protein blast by algorithms blastp, psi-blast, phi-blast, delta-blast, and three mixed types – blastx, tblastn, tblastx). Some specialized BLAST search types are also provided.