Who is InsideDNA for?

  • PhD/Postdoc
  • Lab leader
  • Bioinformatician
  • Team

We know how painful it can be to get things running with bioinformatics. We faced this problem dozens of times when trying to repeat someone else’s published analysis, or simply trying to get any output from the bioinformatics tool.

As a result, we have created our “dream application” and website: the website which makes bioinformatics an easy and enjoyable part of research, instead of a constant battle with the unknown. This is why we put so much effort into making a good and meaningful database of bioinformatics tools, made it easy to run them on your own data, organize tools into projects, monitor tasks completion and store your data - all in one place! We are also very happy to install whatever you feel is missing and help you out with your current project.

Your benefits are:

  • Easy to follow bioinformatics learning curve
  • Reduced time spent on analysis
  • Faster publishing

Just drop us an email if you want our help!

As lab leader you are likely to face two issues:

  • You are tight on grant budgets and can’t afford large investment into good computational infrastructure and IT support;
  • You want your team to collaborate and easily follow each other’s results.

To solve these issues, you have probably bought servers, which sometimes are only lightly used, but most of the time are not enough to support all of your lab members. You have also tried to engage your team with git/github – but it doesn’t seem to work well for all biologists or medical researchers.

We developed our application to definitively resolve these problems. With InsideDNA you have:

  • Maintenance-free infrastructure – meaning you don’t need to invest into your own IT infrastructure and hire an IT guy/bioinformatician;
  • Scalable computing resources – meaning that if once in a year you need 100 servers – you will have them right out of the box;
  • Reproducible research workflows. With our project-based approach, your team will easily work on projects with shared data, code, tasks, resources, etc. More importantly, as a lab leader you can easily monitor how projects are going and see where team members need your help.

Your benefits are:

  • At least 150% cost reduction on computing resources
  • Reproducible research
  • Collaborative team
  • More publications

Just drop us an email if you want to join!

As a bioinformatician you are probably overwhelmed by multiple personal emails about how to install, run and use your software/script/pipeline. You are also overloaded with code maintenance work and often, if you choose to make a web interface on your own server, with the maintenance of the web-server too.

We believe that non-runnable code is a major obstacle to open science. With our platform, publishing and making your script or program runnable and accessible to every biologist/researcher is a matter of filling up a short form and providing a link to github/sourceforge repository (or uploading source code). The rest is down to us, and the very next day you will see hundreds of people easily running your tool and citing your excellent work. Moreover, your tools will be available for download as Docker container or VirtualBox image

Your benefits are:

  • Reproducible research and open science
  • More citations of your work
  • Cared and guided users

Just drop us an email if you want to publish your code!

If you are a company that does a lot of genomic data processing, InsideDNA is an excellent application for you: all features (tools, projects, data integration, team work, scalable architecture, maintenance-free) will be useful in daily work of researchers in hospitals, medical centers, and bioinformatics consulting companies. Moreover, if your company is working with privacy sensitive data, InsideDNA can be installed on your premises.

Your benefits are:

  • At least 130% cost reduction on bioinformatics administration
  • At least 150% cost reduction on computing resources
  • Tool, projects and data integration
  • Basic and pro-interfaces to bioinformatics analysis

You are free to use our service, though we would love to hear from you and to know how we can help you too, so please do drop us email.