Things that drive us

Our mission is to make bioinformatics easy and affordable for everyone. We believe that doing a large scale genomic analysis should not be a prerogative of Ivy League/Large Universities and even the smallest and youngest labs should be empowered to make their research – even when there is no or close to no budget.

Our perception of vision

We want to make our world a better place for living and we believe that we can make it happen by empowering scientists, researchers and doctors around the world with a convenient and affordable way of doing bioinformatics and analysis of next-generation sequencing data. We want to bring the power of cloud technology and shared resource utilization to every scientist, because we believe that sharing and being open is the key to the research success.

Things we value the most

The great team is the most important part of the InsideDNA project– without the people who believe in the ideas above, nothing could have being done. We are now ten people: half of the team are bioinformaticians / biologists (some are still doing their PhD☺ ) and the other half are software and system engineers. We work together all the time, making this service great and fun to use. If you want to join our team – please drop us email as we are always hungry for great minds to join us.

  • We value openness and equal opportunities
  • We value reproducibility and ease of use
  • We value grass-root