Computing platform for reproducible research in bioinformatics, genomics and life science

Made by researchers for researchers: analyse genomics data and share results in a fully cloud-based bioinformatics cluster

How does InsideDNA work?

Your pocket bioinformatics cluster, and much more.

Research platform

Upload genomics data via your web browser or terminal utility; search for a tool from a pool of 1000+ bioinformatics tools; specify settings for your analysis and the capacity of a compute node; get the results quickly and effortlessly.

insidedna genomics analysis cloud

Sharing service

Save and share your analysis as iMethod – an executable bundle comprising of tool, tool settings, and datasets, and stored as a simple web URL. Send it over to your colleagues or insert into a research article for full reproducibility.

insidedna how imethods reproducible research work

Tool publishing service

Request or publish a new bioinformatics tool simply by providing a link to a GitHub/BitBucket repository and access the tool instantly in a web terminal or in a toolbox.

How iMethods work on InsideDNA

Why InsideDNA?

The first platform in life science for researchers at any level: from bachelor students to professors; from labs to SMEs.

Scalable cluster

Sign up and scale out to hundreds of nodes in 1 click: each time you submit an analysis, the cloud cluster expands automatically. No need for IT and maintenance – focus instead on your research. Access nodes from 1 to 206Gb of RAM, and up to 32 nodes.

insidedna genomics analysis monitoring

Limitless storage

Stop worrying about storage limitations and backups. Grow your personal cloud storage space as your analysis advances.

Insidedna cloud genomics storage

1000+ key tools and pipelines

Access 1000+ open source bioinformatics tools to analyse your data. No installation headache. Run tools via a simple GUI or via a web terminal. Chain tools together into interactive bioinformatics pipelines.

InsideDNa bioinformatics genomics tools


Seamlessly share datasets, tools, and tasks and collaborate on common projects. Invite as many members as needed for the project and work together via a simple GUI or via a web terminal.

insidedna shared projects research

Reproducible research

Drive more citations to your papers with the iMethods – an executable bundle comprising of tools, tool settings, and datasets, and sharable as a simple web URL. Make your research fully transparent to others and accessible to search engines.

insidedna imethods reproducible research

Terminal access

Get most of the cloud with a web terminal: access tools, tasks and data, just like in a conventional cluster. Instantly see data stored on the cloud, write custom scripts and submit tasks from the web terminal.

insidedna terminal access cloud bioinformatics

Connection to key biodatabases (coming soon)

Access public life science databases in one click with built-in authentication. Explore large genomics data and analyse this data in your own projects. TCGA, AutismSpeaks, and NCBI just to name a few

InsideDNA provide access to biodatabases

Tools and pipelines publishing (coming soon)

Publish your open source tools and drive more citations to your research. Share pipelines to make research open and accessible.

InsideDNA docker publishing

Docker containers

Grab a Docker container and play at your own machine or upload your own Docker and gain full access to what is inside.

insidedna downloadable docker bioinformatics genomics

Who is InsideDNA for?

For researchers and bioinformaticians of any level: from undergraduates to professors; from labs to SMEs

Individual researchers

phd, postdoc, bioinformatician, etc

  • Access 1000+ pre-installed bioinformatics tools
  • Use easy toolboxes if you don’t know UNIX/terminal
  • Use terminal if you are an advanced user
  • No waiting time for computing resources
  • Access as many compute nodes, up to 200Gb RAM and 32 CPU, as needed
  • Read thorough tutorials about bioinformatics
  • Share results with your classmates and colleagues

Sign up as an individual

Team leaders

associate prof, adjunct prof, full prof, lecturer

  • Save time and money on buying your own server
  • Avoid tiring IT maintenance and hidden costs of a server
  • Make your team more collaborative
  • Easily monitor research projects of your team members
  • Instantly follow up your team
  • Set up collaborative, geographically distributed projects in seconds
  • Access 24/7 support from our IT/Bioinformatics support team

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Where InsideDNA is used?

InsideDNA is used by students and academics at

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What our users say?

What people that tried InsideDNA think and how it helped them save hundreds of hours

  • “Yay! A non-codingbiologist’'s biggest dream coming true @inside_dna a platform for running bioinformatic tools in the cloud”
  • “You are fantastic. As a kid with no university cluster or good computer to run tools on, you guys are my saviors.”
  • “Inside DNA makes our limited server space issues less of a problem”
  • “Hassle-free bioinformatics. Just what I need. Looking forward to an expanding list of tools.”
  • “The website provides useful tools, and tutorials to use them, without having to install each tool individually on one's own computer, or find out the commands to run them on the command line.”